Hair Salon for Cutting & Styling

Magic Fingers is the best hair salon located in cochin,kerala. Appropriate hair style will enchance your beauty. Magic fingers is famous hair cutting salon in kochi for offering most modern and latest hair styles. Magic Fingers helps you to live in style. We offer various hair services like hair straightening, hair rebonding, hair highlighting, hair coloring, hair spa, hair smothening, hair curling in Cochin etc. We also offer different hair treatments and tips for enchancement hair. Magic Fingers is one of the good hair salons in Cochin that design and styles hair according to your customized look without causing damage to your hair.

Hair Cutting

Hair Cutting in Kerala

Good hair cutting delights your look. Different hair cuts gives you different look. Haircuts according to face will enchane your beauty. Different types of haircuts are available like layer, step, feather and U cut etc. Mageic Fingers has professional hair stylists that do hair cutting matching to your face. We provide with latest trends in hair styling in Angamaly, Ernakulam dist.

Hair Spa

Hair Cutting in Kerala

Hair spa helps to maintaining a healthy growth and makes the hair strong, shiny and bouncy. Hair spa is technique of smoothening hair while keeping it healthy. Hair spa stimulate the rebirth of hair and provides proctection form dandruff and damaged hair. Hair spa make you feel relaxed while enchancing the beauty of hair. Hair spa nourishes your hair and removes the impurities from the pores. Magic Fingers offers best hair spa in Kochi.

Hair Highlighting

Hair Cutting in Kerala

Hair highlighting/lowlighting refers to dynamical a personality's hair color, exploitation lightener or haircolor to paint hair strands. Highlights will be tired natural or unnatural colours. Hair Highlighting add dimension to your hair and make it look more vibrant. We do hair highlighting with prefection and care in Cochin.

Hair Straightening

Hair Cutting in Kerala

Hair straightening is a hair styling method making the flattening and straightening of hair in order to give it a smooth and streamlined appearance. Hair straightening provides solution to your long fizzy and curl hair. Hair straightening can be of two types permanent and temporary straightening. We do hair Straightening in ernakulam using the best product in market without causing much damage to your hair.

Hair Smoothening

Hair Cutting in Kerala

Every woman wants to have smooth and silky hair. Short or long, curly or straight, shiny hair always gives a good impression. You may find your hair sometimes not managable then hair smoothening comes with solution for it. Hair smoothening is hair care treatment for providing silkier and smooth hair. Mageic Fingers is best known for hair smoothening in Ernakulam.

Hair Curling

Hair Cutting in Kerala

Although you are not born with curly and bouncy hair you can have curly hair. Hair curling is a technique for providing unnatural curl to your hair. We do hair curling in Cochin, for all the special occasion in your life. At best prices.

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