Skin Care

Skin is the most apparent aspect of human body. A healthy skin indicates an individual's overall level of general health and fitness. Some people may think as if spending money on skin care is a waste of time and money. But requires a variety of different minerals and nutrients for a healthy skin. All treatments for skin care is avilable in a skin care clinic. Due to our hectic and busy lifestyle we all hardly get time to care for our skin. Magic fingers has various skin care and skin treatment for well being of your skin. Various skin care treatments are provided in Kerala like anti-ageing facial, treatment, tan removal facials, skin facial, pigmentation treatment etc. Our professionals suggests treatment according your skin complexion after examing it. We offer various herbal, ayurvedic and homoepathy treatment within your comfort zone. Magic fingers is known to be best skin care treatment provider beauty clinic in kochi(Cochin), kerala.

Different Types of Skin Treatments

Skin Hydration

Skin hydration is a very important skin care treatment. A dehydrated skin may lead to premature ageing and the formation of wrinkles. Magic Finger provides skin hydration treatment.

Skin Rejuvenation

Skin rejuvenation is a cosmetic treatment to restore the youthful appearance to the skin. Rejuvenation is a modern concept of skin care. Skin rejuvenation helps to remove scars, wrinkles and gives a fresh look to the face.

Anti-ageing Treatment

Keeping skin smooth and fresh is not an easy task, but you can keep your skin fresh and healthy by Magic Finger’s anti-aging treatment. Anti-aging treatment helps to remove wrinkles, scars and also keep the skin healthy and fresh. Anti-ageing treatment prevents the premature aging.

Pigmentation And Tan Removal Treatments

Treatments for pigmentation and tan removal are available in Magic Finger. Pigmentation and tan removal treatment helps to remove the darkness and marks caused by sun light. Tan removal and pigmentation treatment helps to make the skin fairer.

Acne Treatments

Acne is a common problem for all, Magic Finger offers treatment for acne. Acne treatment clear spots and prevents scarring. Acne treatment helps to maintain skin smoothness and removes dead skin cells.

Dermaheal Eye Treatment

Dermaheal eye treatment is a skin care treatment to reduce the visible signs of aging around the eye. Dermaheal eye treatment soothes and calms the eyes and also helps in skin brightening around the eyes.

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